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Welcome to my DDR site

IMPORTANT: This site is mainly for Czech speaking people so there is not really so much information about BEMANI games in English. But I will try to translate other parts of into English later. IMPORTANT1: This site is done for 1024x768 resolution.
IMPORTANT2: When is down, you can still get on the site via its mirror. Save this address somewhere because you won't be redirected from

Welcome to Czech DDR Info. Several pages are translated into other languages than Czech. (English, French, Dutch). Click on the flag to get to the appropriate version. Czech DDR Info French version is available as a stand-alone. For this version click on the French flag on this page ( Czech DDR Info English version is available as a stand-alone (beta version). For this version click on the English flag on this page (

Update History


  • 13.7.2005 - PHP version running

    From today the php version is on the server and is running.
  • 9.7.2005 - Trafic

    Because of too much data transferred I had to limit download of files. So SM videos are not available for the time being.

  • 20:33 3.7.2005 - Festival Fantazie '05

    The biggest Czech convention is taking place in Chotebor. DDR is available as well^_~

  • New BEMANI for Europe

    25.5.Konami said that they would publish Dancing Stage Unleashed 3 (xbox) and Dancing Stage Max.
  • Come and play DDR for free at Festival Fantazie

    Festival Fantazie is held in Chotebor in the Czech Republic from 1/7 till 10/7.
  • DDR Eurocup 2

    From 23/3 till 27/3 you can take part in the biggest LAN party in the world and then participate in the European Championship in DDR. Whole event is organized by Positive Gaming AS (Norway) and M-Games (France). More information at DDR Europe

    -16:18 14.7.2005 S'Tsung